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What does performance ready mean? – tips for female dancers

So your director says performance ready. What does that mean exactly? This post will explore hair, makeup and undergarment needs for a female dancer to be performance ready.


What does performance ready mean? – Male’s Dance Performance Makeup, hair and more

Its performance season for my family and my thoughts turn to what would a new Mom of a dancer need to know about being performance ready? I settled on undergarments, makeup and hair. Of the two blogs I am publishing on this date, this blog focusing on male dancers while the next will focus on female.

Dance Mom Survival Series – How to Survive Community Performance Day

Next in the survival series is a blog on tips to get through the community performance days without a hitch

Dance Mom Tips – How to show support during a Nutcracker performance or better yet, be an audience plant

We all know that our dancers dance better when they hear us clapping for them on stage. What we don't always know is when it is considered alright to clap during a performance, particularly ballet.

How to Survive Nutcracker – Dance Mom Survival Series

Part of the joy of being a Dance Mom is the performances. However, also part of being a Dance Mom is making sure all the behind the scenes aspects go smoothly. Here are some tips to help you survive the Nutcracker this year. Check my blog through the year for other survival series tips

Disney tips and tricks – what you should do in advance

This blog post is specific to dining option and what can be scheduled in advance if you stay at a resort

It’s May, you have your dancer’s costume, now what? – Basic costume care

Just because you have a dancer now doesn't mean you automatically know how to care for these beautiful costumes. This post has some basic costume care just for you.

How do your shoes smell so fresh? (said no dancer ever or no dance Mom for that matter)

So when we talk about dancer stink, we can’t forget the elephant in the room – shoes. This post contains some ideas on how to freshen up your dancer's shoes and dance bag

Disney Tips and Tricks for grown ups (at least according to ticket prices)

This tips and tricks is really addressed to the first time or first time in a long time Disney-goer who is near adult or adult in maturity. Some of these tips do not apply to young children, nor will expert Disney visitors who attend yearly or several times a year likely find this helpful.

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