Nutcracker is upon us and being in the show, I don’t have time to write a long blog for this Thursday, but I can write a short reminder on how to be a good audience member!  If you are a dance Mom reading this, perhaps you might just want to hit print and give this to Grandpa Joe to read while he’s waiting in line.

  • Let’s talk theater seating. Please do not give your coats a seat, unless they paid for one.  Usually the shows are a sell out and everyone needs a seat.  Keep your coat with you or in the car
  • On that topic, please don’t leave the one seat between family break. Again, all the seats are sold, so unless you particularly like to hear staff asking you to move down frequently, go ahead and fill in the whole row leaving outside easy seats available
  • If you are asked to fill in the seats and move down, please do so, the individuals asking aren’t doing that to hear themselves talk. Everyone paid the same price for a seat and they all deserve one
  • Please use the restroom before the show and at intermission. If you have a child that cannot wait, exit between numbers.  The odds that you are standing up in front of a parent who has a child on the stage is very high so you are blocking their view.  Would you appreciate that?
  • Nutcracker and other ballets do not have a “between numbers” option particularly so gather everything you need, wait for clapping that signifies the piece is over and go efficiently
  • Very young children may not be the best choice to bring to a dance performance. If you bring a child who becomes fussy, please exit with the child quietly.  The show is about 2 ½ hours, if your child cannot sit that long, keep that in mind
  • If your dancer joins you in the audience, they need a ticket to sit. If you did not pay for a baby to have a seat, please do not use a seat for the car seat
  • Flash photography is dangerous and should not be done under any condition. Be sure you pre-check your camera settings to ensure you don’t accidently blind a dancer
  • No videotaping is allowed. This has to do with rights and needs to be respected.  Most studios have professional taping available to buy
  • Clap for the students!!! They have worked hard and need to hear you, no whooping specific names – this is ballet
  • Please don’t talk during the show or lean one way or the other. The person behind you didn’t sign up for the moving my head so I can see constantly aerobics class
  • Stay until finale is finished, again, the dancers have worked since August on this production, you can give them 5 more minutes
  • No food or drink in the auditorium. Sometimes food and drinks are available at intermission
  • Please do not unwrap candy during the show. If you have a cough, try unwrapping the cough drops prior to the show
  • Be sure to congratulate any dancer you see in the lobby, particularly the leads
  • Finally, and most important, enjoy the show. These dancers’ goals are for you to truly enjoy yourself