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Disney Tips and Tricks for grown ups (at least according to ticket prices)

This tips and tricks is really addressed to the first time or first time in a long time Disney-goer who is near adult or adult in maturity. Some of these tips do not apply to young children, nor will expert Disney visitors who attend yearly or several times a year likely find this helpful.

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Surviving Recital – basic musts

quick guide to making it through dance recital week. A must see for new and experienced families

Tips for Dance Against Cancer Weekend

Dance Against Cancer is a full weekend fundraiser for Relay for Life. This blog gives you some history, overview and tips you may find useful.

Straining at Gnats and Swallowing Camels

As 2017 starts, my thoughts on focusing on what's important

You Can’t See a Flea on a Galloping Horse

Anyone who knows me knows I like my figurative language! I do want to have a whole series of blogs based on my catch phrases, but this one is about dance costumes and more specifically obtaining and constructing male dance costumes. Feel free to use the phrase, but be sure to credit me!

When Life Stops and You Find Yourself at a Hospital Bedside

Not my typical meme filled, jovial blog, but one fresh on my mind off a resent hospital vigil. Thoughts to help you along this journey too.

Basic Dance Vocabulary for the Non Dancer Parent

This is a summary blog on some basic terms you may need to know as a novice dance parent to be able to speak intelligently with your dancer. It covers costuming, movement and dance terms

How to be the ultimate organized Dance Mom – or making your director love you!

Here are tips on being an organized Dance parent so life can be smooth and stress free

Let’s talk about depression in teens

I read an article that now the number one killer of 10-14 year olds is suicide. It's time to start talking.

Being a good dance audience

Nutcracker is upon us and being in the show, I don’t have time to write a long blog for this Thursday, but I can write a short reminder on how to be a good audience member! If you are a dance Mom reading this, perhaps you might just want to hit print and give this to Grandpa Joe to read while he’s waiting in line.

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